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About Gorgeous Me Tea

What is Gorgeous Me Tea?

Gorgeous Me Tea is a range of specially blended teas. We select the best herbs, fruits and plants renowned for the positive effects on detoxification, fat-burning, metabolism, sleep and relaxation. Numerous studies have been conducted on the positive benefits of the ingredients and we are confident that you will too, feel and experience the same benefits after drinking Gorgeous Me Tea.

We have 3 teatox program. Wake-Up Boost is an energy booster that goes well with your breakfast for the addtional perk-me-up. NIght Cleanse is a great tea, and it's ideal as an after-dinner drink. The Sweet Dreams tea is perfect for a bed-time drink to prepare yourself for a deep and restful sleep after a hectic day.

Additional Tips for First Time Users

Most first-time users are concerned about the laxative effect of the Gorgeous Me Tea Wake-Up Boost and Night Cleanse.

As Gorgeous Me Tea do not contain ingredients that cause a laxative effect, it is not known to make you 'visit the toilet'.

The combination of ingredients used in all the Gorgeous Me Tea tea blends are designed to gentle cleanse your body. Some of the ingredients helps to relieve constipation and digestion which may cause you to visit the toilet, but it will not be a diarrhea-inducing laxative effect.

If you are concerned about how the tea will affect you, here are some tips:

The cleansing effect of the Wake-Up Boost and Night Cleanse Tea can vary according to individual, but it's mainly due to 2 factors - how long you steep the tea, and your body's metabolism. If you have such concerns, it is advisable to steep the tea for 3 - 5 minutes instead of the standard 5 -7 minutes for the first few times. You can increase the steeping time once your body gets used to the tea. So far, our customers did not report any issues with the recommended steeping time or any laxative effect.

You may experience effects of detoxing. If you encounter an adverse reaction to the tea (very rare), you can adjust the steeping time for the tea. If it continues, you can stop consuming Gorgeous Me Tea at any time.

All the ingredients are stated on the Product Page. Please read them carefully to ensure that you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients.

How do you steep the tea?

For your convenience, our entire range of Gorgeous Me Tea are packaged in safe, eco-friendly tea bags. Place one tea bag in the cup, pour boiling water over tea and steep for 5 to 7 minutes. Each tea bag can be steeped up to 2 to 3 times, but with a milder flavor. You can add honey (we recommend organic raw honey or Manuka honey), lemon juice to enhance the taste.

What comes in the teatox pack?

Each 14day teatox pack includes:
- 14 tea bags which contain herbs and tea leaves

Each 28Day teatox pack includes:
- x2 28 tea bags

How should I store the tea from Gorgeous Me Tea?

All our teas come in an airtight, resealable pouch.The best way to ensure maximum freshness and to extend the shelf life is to seal the pouch after each use, and place them in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. If you live in an area where it is humid and hot, we recommend you to store the tea in the refrigerator.

Can Men drink GMT?

Both men and women can drink Gorgeous Me Tea. The detoxification of toxins, calories burning, and healthy digestion work the same for both men and women.

Do GMT products contain Gluten?

All of our products are gluten free.

When will my tea expire?

Tea don't usually expire, but we advise you to consume the tea within three months of purchase.
During the teatox

What does Gorgeous Me Tea taste like?

Wake Up Boost

The unique blend of herbs in our Wake Up Boost produces a delicate earthy flavour from the rooibos. There is also a hint of earthy sweetness from the sweetness of rooibos. Green tea adds a sharp flavor and smooth dimension to the tea. Coupled with a delicious sweet taste from linden blossom and flower scent from the rose petals, this is the perfect tea for your breakfast. Try adding honey or lemon to enhance the taste.

Night Cleanse

Our Night Cleanse tea possesses spiced and floral undertones of organic holy Basil (tulsi), organic rose hips. The addition of organic spearmint gives it a minty, refreshing taste, which complements the citrus of the organic lemon myrtle. Together with ginger, this is a well-balanced night cleasning tea that is best enjoyed hot. You can add honey or lemon to enhance the teaste.

Sweet Dreams Tea

Sweet Dreams tea tastes mild and a little flowery from the chamomile, and and aromatic and earthy from saffron. The additon of spearmint gives it a minty taste, balanced by the mild citrus in the lemongrass and orange. The holy tusil adds a refreshing flavor and the rosebuds gives it a flowery scent.

Does Gorgeous Me Tea contain caffeine?

One of the ingredients in the Wake Up Boost morning tea contains green tea, which contains naturally occurding caffeine, on top of anti-oxidants, polyphenols, amino acids and vitamins. The bioactive compounds responsible for the stimulating effects in green tea are theobromine and theophylline, but the amino acid L-Theanine also from green tea simultaneously calms the nervous system and improve mental clarity. Therefore, you can enjoy more energy and vitality, increased concentration and clarity without the side effects like feeling jittery, nervousenss, acid reflux, restlessness and dehydration. Caffeine is known to melt away fats by increasing metabolism.

I have a pre-existing medical condition, is GMT suitable for me?

If you have a medical conditon such as high blood pressure, high choleseterol, diabetes, kidney disease, a restrictive diet, or any other medical condition, always consult your doctor prior to use. The ingredients of each tea are listed on the Product Page. Your health and well-being is our utmost priority.

Can I drink GMT while breastfeeding or pregnant?

No. Our tea blends are designed to provide with the most health benefits for each respective blend, so the effects may be too strong for babies or while breastfeeding. We advice you to seek the advice of your medical doctor before purchasing Gorgeous Me Tea as we cannot guarantee it is 100% safe for pregant women and breastfeeding mothers. The ingredients of all the tea blends are listed on the Product page.

Can I still eat normally during the teatox?

Yes, you can still eat your usual moderate serving of food during the teatox. You do not need to starve or go hungry during the teatox to achieve the results you desire! To achieve maximum results, we strongly encourage you to eat fresh, healthy food, and stay away from deep fried, processed food, especially those that contain many food additives and preservatives.

Can I continue with my workout routine during the teatox?

You should continue with your workout regime when you drink Gorgeous Me Tea! After drinking GMT, you may find yourself with more energy and stamina, and will want to exercise more to burn more calories!

What if I miss a day?

Don't feel bad about missing a day of the teatox. You can drink more water for the day and then continue with the teatox the next day.
After the teatox

Is GMT safe longterm? How often can I do teatox?

Our regular tea blends are suitable for continued use as they do not contain any laxatives. It all depends on how your body feel after the teatox. We recommend that you consume the Wake Up Boost and Night Cleanse every day for 1 month and monitor the results. Sweet Dreams Tea can also be consumed every night before sleep.

Once I reach my goal weight can I stop the teatox?

You can stop the teatox at any time. But this teatox is targeted to clear the toxins and contains no ingredients with laxative effects, so you will be able to lose the extra pounds gradually.

Will I put the weight straight on when I stop?

Once you finish the teatox the weight shouldn't 'bounce back' as it often does with diets that ask you to restrict your calorie intake. Energy restriction alters your metabolism as your body has to adapt to the new (lower) amount of energy available - thus slowing your metabolism to conserve energy and storing energy as fat to be used later. When you finish your teatox (in combination with a food and exercise program) your metabolism will remain elevated for a while (this can be extended by incorporating 3-5 cups of green tea into your daily regime) before returning to normal.

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Payment and Refunds

How do I buy GMT?/Payment Methods

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