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Gorgeous Me Tea Mission & Core Values

Gorgeous Me Tea Mission:
As a division of Holistic Labs Ltd, our Mission at Gorgeous Me Tea is simple: to deliver remarkable and positive health improvements to help you be the most gorgeous version of yourself, inside out!
Our teatox programmes have been carefully researched to detox your body in a healthy, natural and safe manner. All our natural ingredients are carefully selected, sourced, blended and packaged by a GMP certified facility in United States.

Gorgeous Me Tea prides itself in these core values that we have outlined below that defines our passion for healthy living and tea.

Gorgeous Me Tea Values:

1) Deliver an unparalled tea detox experience to our customers.

2) Wholesome, and natural ingredients. All our ingredients are backed by proven science.

3) Foster honest, respectful relationships with our customers, stakeholders and partner.

4) Be the best in everything we do. We never settle for anything less and strive to constantly improve the customer experience.

5) Customer-centric. We are passionate in helping our customers to fulfil their goal of a happy. healthy life.

6) Be generous in giving back to the community. A portion of the sales at Gorgeous Me Tea will be given to charities and organizations.